Ransomeware Alert for users of Weather Underground

14 May 2016 12:56 PM | Anonymous member

Yesterday I tried to go to the website by typing weatherunderground.org.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Immediately an audio message came out of my computer, my browser was frozen and a message that supposedly came from comcast, our service provider, came on the tab I was on that I had just been infected with a virus and needed to call an 817 number.  I called the number, but once I was told they needed to get into my computer remotely, I stopped the conversation.   It appears that turning off my machine without letting them in the machine may have eliminated the problem, but I am having the machine checked over to see if there are some hidden problems.  The whole thing is a scam to get you to pay them money to give you back control of your machine.  

Fair Winds,

Paul Acker


  • 14 Apr 2017 4:33 PM | Anonymous member
    I can't believe you fell for this, Paul. If a Nigerian prince says he has a ton of money for you, that's a scam too.
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