The Butterfly sailboat is a 12-foot scow-hulled boat with a single sail.  This easy-to-rig sailboat is a fun family and learning boat, but also challenges experienced sailors with it's no-fuss simplicity - it's just you and the wind!  The Butterfly was born in the early 1960's in Illinois, and became a popular dinghy throughout the Midwest and West by the 1980's.  There are more than 20 Butterfly sailors in the Union Sailing Club, ranging from beginners to champions.  The club has hosted Butterfly Nationals, and also hosts the Colorado Butterfly Championships and clinics for small boat sailors.

Butterfly Links:
The National Butterfly Association: http://www.butterflyer.org/
A handy rigging guide with great photos: http://www.northernlakesailboats.com/pages/Butterflyrigging

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