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Boat Rentals

  • We have a small number of boats available for rent to club members with sailing experience.  Currently the rental fleet includes 5 single handed boats (4 Lasers and 1 Sunfish) and 4 double handed boats (2 Catalina 14.2 and 2 RS Feva's).  We also have two race-ready Laser available for club racing only. For approved Junior's we have 2 RS Feva's. 
  • Before your first rental, you will need to be checked by an approved club member.  The checkout will go over the rental rules, equipment location and care, rigging details, and evaluation of sailing skills.  You will also be required to sign a liability waiver.  You can download a copy of the waiver form from the link below.
  • There are often no other members at the club when rental boats go out, so self-sufficiency is very important.  During the checkout, you will need to demonstrate that you can rig and de-rig the boat with minimal assistance and have sufficient sailing skills to get yourself out of trouble and avoid damaging the boats if weather conditions suddenly change (which they often do at Union).  You will be given the password to the rental reservation system after you have passed the boat check-out test.   Checkouts and rentals are only available to club members, but prospective members are welcome to come and take a look at the boats. 
  • An alternative for sailors with less experience is to sign up for a lesson on one of the club boats with one of our club instructors.  They will take you through everything much more thoroughly and will include a checkout as part of the lesson if you're ready for it.  Lessons can be shared by up to three people to keep down the cost.  Please contact with any questions about lessons.

  • Rental boat management and upkeep is all done by volunteers so boat renters are expected to help with keeping the boats in good sailing condition.
  • Rental boats are allowed out on the water only in non-white cap conditions, and PFDs are required to be worn at all times.

  • RS Feva's are primarily intented for junior race practice and to participate in USC racing series. 
  • To schedule a checkout, please contact  Rental checkout are usually done on Weds or Sundays before club racing. 

  • Check out fees are $50 for the Catalina, Sunfish, and Lasers (no charge for RS Fevas / Juniors).

USC Rental Liability Waiver Form (Please email completed form to

Rental rates (2 hour minimum):

Laser $7 / hour
Sunfish $7 / hour
Catalina 14.2 $20 / hour
RS Feva

 $10 / hour


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