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2014 Boat Storage Payments

  • 01 Jan 2014
  • 31 Dec 2014
  • Union Reservoir


  • Must be a resident of Longmont
  • Must be a resident of Longmont

Registration is closed
You must have been assigned a space by the storage administrator prior to making your payment.  

Please contact to check on space availability and/or to be put on the waiting list.

Availability: Applicants must check with the storage administrator for availability —
Eligibility: Storage is available only to paid members, owning sailing dinghies or catamarans, who plan to participate in club
activities. Storage is assigned on a first-pay basis for unoccupied spaces until all spaces are occupied.
Requirements: (PRIOR to storing): Paid membership dues, current City car and boat passes, and this signed contract with
The Board of Directors of Union Sailing Club and the below signed applicant agree to the following storage terms:
1. Price: Regular spaces are $405 and rack spaces are $125. For Longmont city residents, as verified by their drivers
license address, regular spaces are $325 and rack spaces are $100.
2. Term: January 1
to December 31
3. Hand or Dolly Launch ONLY: No vehicle and/or trailer launching allowed.
4. Renewals: new contract and payment due December 31st
5. Allowed Use: Storage is restricted to designated spaces and racks. Regular spaces may store up to 3 boats and related
equipment stacked up to 6’ high (excluding masts). Rack spaces may store one boat per space. No keelboats or motor
boats allowed.
6. Park Permit: Each boat must have a Union Reservoir Park annual pass sticker affixed to it. If the sticker is not visible
for inspection by City of Longmont officials, then the owner will be liable for any fine levied on the club by the City.
7. Mud: Do not drive into the club when the ground is wet! When mostly dry, avoid mud puddles.
8. Volunteer: We are an all volunteer organization, please volunteer at least twice per year
9. Sharing: Only families may share a storage space. Families are those who reside in a single domicile £1 are related
under Colorado State Law.
10. Hours and Rules: Refer to current Park flyer or contact the Park for seasonally varying operating hours, and rules and
regulations of Union Reservoir Park. City of Longmont laws apply to facilities. Union Sailing Club rules are posted at
the club and online.
11. There is no subletting or prorating of storage spaces.
12. Anchoring: Boats and equipment must be appropriately anchored with ground tackle to prevent damage to themselves
or adjacent boats anywhere on the USC site. Inspect your tie-downs at least monthly.
13. Inactive or Abandoned boats: USC Board of Directors reserve the right to remove any boat deemed inactive or
abandoned at the owner’s expense.
14. Late Fee: Late fee of $l dollar per day will be assessed on any deadlines given herein.
15. LOCK DOWN: Failure to pay or failure to meet any of the above REQUIREMENTS may result in your boat being
rendered unusable.
In consideration of the issuance of this seasonal storage space permit, I hereby agree to abide and conform to the Rules,
Regulations & Policies of Union Sailing Club, the City of Longmont governing Union Reservoir. I also agree to indemnify,
defend, and save harmless Union Sailing Club, its officers, agents, and employees and City of Longmont, its officers, agents,
and employees, from claims or demands of any kind, including alleged negligence or other fault by the Club and or City, for
damages or injuries, either to myself, my guests, or to other persons, or to my property or the property of others, arising out of
or in connection with the use and storage of boat, trailer, vehicle or anchoring system at Union Reservoir. I further understand
that Union Sailing Club or the City of Longmont are in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my boat, vehicle or other
property or for the damage to the said property by reason of fire, flood, storm, theft, vandalism or otherwise. I further understand
payment is a non-refundable. This storage contract cannot exceed the terms or limits of the Use Permit between Union Sailing
Club and the City of Longmont. If the Use Permit between the Union Sailing Club and City of Longmont is not renewed, then
storage fee may be refunded on a prorated basis.
I certify that I have read and understand this contract and agree to abide by their provisions.
I acknowledge that Union Sailing Club has a lien upon the boat(s) and equipment for the storage charges set forth above. I
further acknowledge that Union Sailing Club may foreclose the lien on my property if the charges are not paid when
due. In addition, if the boat and/or trailer are left at Union Reservoir after March 31st without payment in full, or
otherwise abandoned, I understand that the City may declare the boat and/or trailer to be abandoned without
foreclosing the lien, and sell or otherwise dispose of the boat and/or trailer, in accordance with State law.
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