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Frequently ASked Questions (FAQ)

1. Membership

      • What is the gate code? I never got an email with this information.
        • Make sure you receive emails from New members will receive automated emails with a link containing important information for new members. Receiving emails from is required to maintain membership and to receive important club communications.
      • How do I become a member? 
      • Are there any storage units available?
      • How do I volunteer ? 
        • Show up for workdays, do RC (if you are racing or are interested in it), come to the club, engage with other members and club officers to see where helping hands are needed. Best times are just before our races series on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons

2. Rentals

      • I want to rent a boat. What is the process to get checked out? 
      • How to rig the rental laser (Out/Inhaul, Vang/Cunningham)
      • How to rig the RS Feva
      • I reserved a boat, but there is no wind. Can I get a raincheck?
        • We do not provide rainchecks for no / or little wind.
      • I reserved a boat, but its too windy for me, can I reschedule?
        • As an approved renter, you should be able to handle the boat in all conditions including self recovery from capsize. However, rental boats should not go out in white cap conditions or lightening storms (only reasons to request a rain check). Always be mindful about approaching storms. Wind speed can rapidly change at Union. Plan ahead, check the forecast and keep observing the weather while you are out. Have a safety plan. 

3. Club rules

      • Can I launch my boat on a trailer? 
        • We strictly prohibit launching boats on trailers with cars or trucks. The only exception is for club officers in order to launch the pontoon and USC Catalina's when conditions permit. 
      • I am inviting a friend to the club, do they need a day pass?
        • Yes, ANY vehicle needs a day or season car pass to legally enter USC club grounds. You will pay any tickets issued by the city ranger PLUS you jeopardize our good relationship with the city. Passes are sold at the main entrance. Weekend get busy, so plan ahead accordingly or car share. Close the gate after to arrive or leave. Do not let anyone in that is not a club member. Do not share the gate code.
      • I don't have a storage spot and want to leave my boat/trailer at the club overnight. Is that OK?
        • No boats are allowed to be parked overnight outside storage places. Exception may be granted for special events (regattas) or in special circumstances, however, they must be approved by a USC board member PRIOR to storing a boat / trailer outside a storage spot. email
      • Where are the rules listed?

4. Safety

      • I am at the club and a storm just kicked in. I see some paddle boarders or sailors needing help - what should I do?
        • It always depends a bit on the situation. In an emergency you can call the Ranger #303-772-1265 or 911. 
      • I forgot my PFD, can I go for a sail without one?
        • No, you should never leave shore without a PFD and we strongly recommend to wear a PFD at all times. Children under 15 years of age MUST wear a PFD at all times while on the water. There are some PFD's you can borrow. There are in the main shed left to the club house. Make sure the PFD has a good fit.

5. Racing

      • I like to volunteer for RC, but have never done it before:  
        • RC duties are typically assigned for anyone participating in the race series or members who like to get active in racing. Conducting a race is quite simple, but it can be overwhelming for anyone not familiar with racing or the racing rules. In addition, RC should be knowledgeable to safely operate a motorboat. The best way to learn is to sign up with a more experienced member. 
      • I would like to race but I've never done it before. How do I get started?
        • We run a lot of races from spring to fall, Wednesday nights, Sunday afternoons and a few regattas mixed in. The best way to get started is to come out on a race day and check it out. Crewing is a great way to see what is going on, sail on different boats and get a better perspective of racing. People usually reach out on our message board when they are available or looking to crew / skipper.

6. Miscellaneous

      • I can’t find the link or information for “x”. 
        • It is most likely on our web-site. Have a look before shooting off an email. Club officers monitoring emails are not always available to respond. Remember, we are 100% run by volunteers who rather sail than typing emails. 


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