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Rentals allow members to enjoy sailing without boat ownership, provide a platform for sailing instruction and allow members to rent boats for family outings, racing or simply to try out another type of boat.

Club-owned sailboats provide opportunities in support of Union Sailing Club Guiding Principles:

1) Community: support of the sailing community and enhancement of the local community;

2) Camaraderie: good cheer and support between members sharing a common pastime;

3) Coaching: educate sailors to advance their skills and introduce non-sailors to sailing;

4) Competition: promote the sport of sailing by providing equipment, expertise and training for fair racing.

Rental Policy

Club rental boats are available to Union Sailing Club (USC) members with significant sailing experience, including the skills and physical ability to self-rescue from a capsize. Union Sailing Club does not rent boats to the general public. We are volunteer-run and do not have the staff or insurance to offer commercial rentals. 

The Rental Fleet

The rental fleet includes 5 single handed boats: 2 Race Lasers, 2 Recreational Lasers and 1 Sunfish. We also have 4 double-handed boats: 2 Catalina 14.2 and 2 RS Fevas. The two Race Lasers are for club racing only. The 2 RS Fevas are for approved juniors for race practice and to participate in USC racing events.


An alternative for less-experienced sailors is to sign up for a lesson on one of the Catalinas with one of our club instructors. They will take you through everything much more thoroughly and will include a checkout as part of the lesson, if they feel you're ready for it. Lessons can be shared by up to three people to keep down the cost. Please contact with any questions about lessons. 


Before your first rental, you will need to be checked out by an approved club member. More information on checkouts


To reserve as boat, go to “Reservations” under Rentals on the club website or click here

Boat Damage and Upkeep

Rental boat management and upkeep done by volunteers, so boat renters are expected to help with keeping the boats in good sailing condition. Renters are liable for any damage to the boats beyond normal wear and tear. You must immediately report any damage that has occurred while you were renting the boat or concerning wear on lines, or other parts to or notify any USC Board member. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your ability to rent a USC boat in the future.


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Mailing Address:
Union Sailing Club
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